Environmental Policy

Productivity, profitability and environmental improvements are the main objectives of Búfalo-Itagüí environmental policy. This commitment with the natural resources demands from us not only to fulfill water concession and atmospheric emissions authorizations given to us by the local environmental authority, also our company is compromised with the implementation of eco-efficient technologies that will improve the productivity of the plant and reduces the impacts to the environment.

Compromise with the environment

Waste water treatment plant

During the process of tanning leather, water is the major natural resource that is used permanently, that is why, our company has installed a waste water treatment plant with a capacity of 3.000m3 per day. This plant removes the 95% of pollutant load before the liquid is poured into the body of water.

Chrome Recovery Plant

The tanning process demands Chrome, that is why, our company has a Chrome Recovery Plant in which the chrome is recovered by a physical-chemical process. This Chrome is used again in the leather process.

Agreement with pharmaceutical companies

Our company agrees with the REACH norm (“Register, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals”) that was approved for the European Parliament. This international regulation controls the production and used of some chemical that impact the human health and the environment. Búfalo-Itagúí has some agreements with the suppliers of chemical in Europe in order to not buy or use those restricted substances.