Tanning process


Tanning leather is an art to us, is a transformation where we combine the experience and knowledge of our employees and the latest technologies in the sector. Tradition, experience and Innovation Is the perfect combination that allows us to have a production plant with capacity of 120,000 sides per month (2´400.000 SQFT) and a team of 700 employees, including technicians and administrative workers.

Raw hides deposit (salted hides)

The raw skins that are bought from different slaughterhouses must be conserved with sea salt, preserving them from decomposing. The climate conditions in the storage is crucial for the conservation of the raw skin.

Liming and fleshing

This is the process where the hair of the raw skin is completely removed. Additionally with a physical operation the fat and collagen layer inside the skin is removed also. This collagen is a component used in products as cosmetics, skin lotions, and jelly among others.


Tanning is the process that converts the protein of the raw hide or skin into a stable material which will not putrefy and is suitable for a wide variety of end applications. In this part of the process the leather could be sold by wet blue o finished leather.


In this part of the process the wet blue is divided into two or more horizontal layers, it´s depends of the client´s requirements and the final product that is going to be made with the finished leather. The thickness of the leather starts at 0.9 mm to 22 mm.


In the dyeing process, the leather is coloured with anilines and it gets specials physical and chemical characteristics according to the final used of the leather.

Drying and conditioning

Before the drying process, the leather has treatments that improve it appearance, texture and thickness necessary to accomplish the requirements of the clients.


This final step includes all the operations and process that gives the leather the characteristics needed to produce all kind of leather articles.

Packing and delivery

Our company export more than 60% of our production to 35 countries around the world. Also we are the leaders in the local market.